No To Alvey

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Integrity matters. Alvey's failed.

Alvey was quick to try to associate his opponent in the election to discrimination in his previous employment, but what about Alvey's record? Let's take a look into the closet of his past:

In 1990, a member of the Kansas Air National Guard was discriminated against regarding his employment with BPU. When it was exposed, did Alvey reach out to the service member to hear his side of the story? NO. When more and more details came to light, did Alvey demand that BPU do all they could to reach an equitable settlement with the former employee? NO.

What did Alvey do? Two things: one, sign checks that were a pitiful attempt to "buy off" the service member (less than ten percent of his losses) and his lawyer; and two, when the service member addressed the board (and told them that their integrity FAILED) made sure that the service member knew when his five minutes in front of the board were up.

Alvey knew about all of this, and never lifted a finger to address it -- but he was more than willing to try to point out someone else's faults. Integrity matters.

Click Here for the Offer of Judgment accepted against BPU, the Unified Government, and two BPU supervisors - one of which is now the General Manager.

Click Here for the final order entered by the District Court.

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