No To Alvey

Someone who failed a test of integrity ran for Mayor. Someone who lacked the courage to stand up to BPU's liars and cowards ran for Mayor. Somone whose hypocrisy shines like a light in the darkness ran for Mayor: he couldn't keep the BPU from extravagant spending and traveled the country on rate-payer's money, while still supporting rate increases.

He was elected Mayor. But it was hardly a mandate.

According to the Election Commissioner's office (, there was a 23.79% turnout, up 3.21% from 2013. However, Alvey "won" with 51.84% of the 23.79% of the county's eligible voters. In 2013, the race was won with 56% of the 20.58% of the county's eligible voters. Again, hardly a mandate.

It is my opinion that this will spell a new chapter in the cronyism, nepotism, and corruption rampant in the political systems of years past. Now with a BPU apologist in charge of the Unified Government the back-door deals will flow between the two even easier. Campaign promises of reduced spending and lower taxes will be explained away with slick presentations brought to you by the liars and cowards that remain hidden behind faceless groups like "Concerned Citizens of Wyandotte County".


As I have said before, unfortunately for Mr. Alvey I have a very good memory. I will keep this site open and I will share with you every time David Alvey proves he is not qualified to lead the Unified Government.