No To Alvey


The people have spoken, and the David Alvey error, er, era has come to an end after one term.

For the last four years Wyandotte County has been ran by someone who talked a big game in the campaign, only to turn around and say "if you voted for me to change things, you wasted your vote" -- now we've thinned the herd of Alveys feeding at the public trough by one, and an important one.

It's funny that although he said those words above, his campaign was all about everything he has supposedly done in the four years since Wyandotte County "wasted their vote" on him. Let's look into this further:

While we're at it, ol' Dave was more than happy to (feebly) point out a situation regarding his opponent, but what about his own record?

I'm not going to say that this work was a deciding factor in his election defeat - especially when he was already behind from the primary results. His actions on the campaign trail, including his performance in the forums didn't help. But if one person looked at what I posted here and changed their mind or solidified their support for his challenger then I'll call it time well-spent.